Welcome to the Northland church of Christ Youth Page!

Listed below are several pictures and videos over the past few years that highlight some of the activities for our youth. On Sundays at 9:30 a.m. we also have a high school and college combined class that promotes healthy discussion on the Bible and faithful living. Be sure to check out our Events Calendar page to see any other events going on throughout the year! As you'll see below, some of our big summer events include a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for pre-K through 6th grade children, as well as a week long summer camp at Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp. Whether you are visiting us and trying to find the right place for your child to grow in their walk with God or you're just checking out our highlighted activities, we hope these pictures and videos encourage you to tell others about the awesome ways God can work in the lives of children.

As our Lord Jesus says, "Let the children come to me." - Mark 10:14

If you wish to contact Northland Church, you may write to:

Northland Church of Christ
4581 Cleveland Ave.
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Phone: 614.410.5860

Northland Church of Christ Teachers Resolution:

Fort Hill Camp July 16-22 2017:

Mad River Mounting Tubing February 20 2017:

Fort Hill Camp July 26-29 2016:

Northland VBS 2016 June 26-29 2016:

Fort Hill Camp July 19-25 2015:

Northland VBS 2015 June 22-26 2015:

Fort Hill Camp July 20-26 2014:

Northland VBS June 16-20 2014:

Fort Hill Camp July 21-27 2013:

Northland VBS June 24-28 2013: